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Porter+Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film
and TV sales. (Based primarily in Beverly Hills with connections in Washington DC, Atlanta, and
New York), with two youthful but highly experienced industry veterans joining forces to take film development and distribution to the next level.

Full-Service Film and Media Distribution

Our goal is to take your films through our process for complete and proper distribution

& Vision

Get to Know Us

Mission Statement:

At Porter Craig Film and Media, we are dedicated to transforming unique stories into universal successes. Our mission is to provide tailored marketing services that enhance visibility, engage audiences, and elevate your project's impact, ensuring your story resonates far and wide.

Vision Statement:

To be the leading catalyst in the film industry for creative marketing solutions that not only tell stories but also create enduring connections.

Each year PC attends the following Film and Sales markets

  1. Cannes Film Festival

  2. American Film Market

  3. Berlin Film Festival-European Film Market

  4. Hong Kong FILMART

  5. MIP TV


  7. Toronto

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