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Jeff Porter

Founding Member

Jeff Porter CEO of Porter Pictures

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My Story

Jeff Porter has spent his years in Los Angeles furthering the ingenuity, creativity and drive which guided him through his collegiate career at UNLV, during which he founded the non-profit Music and Film Development Center which teaches youth about music and film production, as well as the business behind it. His passion for film, in its myriad facets, has exposed him first hand to the blood sweat and tears of running a set from the ground up as well as the countless hours spent as an editor for many projects.


It is what led him to Los Angeles, working his way up from scouting films to to selling them. It was there, in a kind of baptism by fire, which Jeff learned about the distribution and financing side of film, working his way up from film scout to president. In the process; finding distribution and or financing for over fifty plus films, managing a team of film scouts, as well as a team of acquisitions executives, overseeing the logistics of several theatrical releases, in addition to cultivating relationships with all of the major domestic and international distributors. Jeff’s drive and focus have been much fed by the unparalleled satisfaction of being able to help filmmakers and producers find distribution and audiences for their opuses.


True to the ethos which was the impetus for his non-profit, a part of the job that brings Jeff great satisfaction, has been traveling to the different film festivals and sales markets around the globe to provide a voice and audience for independent filmmakers, as well as educating them on the nuances of film distribution, finance and business development - via panel discussions and workshops.


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