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Keith L. Craig

Founding Member

Sergeant Major Keith L. Craig  (RET.) Former Army and Airforce Exchange Services Senior Executive Advisor to Europe, Africa and  Southwest Asia.

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My Story

Keith L. Craig is a decorated combat veteran, an entertainment executive, a philanthropist and an
international best-selling author. He has amassed unimaginable success in the Armed Forces, NFL (Europe) and the entertainment industry.

Mr. Craig is an award-winning Entertainment Executive. While working at Walt Disney Studios he was
part of the team that worked on the distribution strategy for all of the Disney titles including Marvel,
Lucasfilm’s and Pixar. It was that overall strategy that led Disney to an industry domestic record of $3.7
billion in 2019, propelled by Avengers Endgame ($858.3M), The Lion King ($543.6M), Star Wars: The Rise
of Skywalker ($515.2M). This distribution strategy previously set two previous $3 billion annual domestic
box office records, including 2018.

Leadership, strategic knowledge, team building are part of the skill set that makes Sergeant Major Craig someone with whom you want to know and work.


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